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Photo slide shows make a great gift. Have your photos made into a slide show and share them with your family and friends on TV/DVD players and even your laptop or PC!


"Just to let you know the pics on the disc were great. Good colour and they maximised onto a large screen very well. So many thanks"

Mrs M G, Oxfordshire, October 2011
Photo to DVD, photo scanning, photo correction, photo renovation

Scanning and Digitising Photographic Services

We make digital copies of your traditional photographic prints, 35mm film negatives, 35mm slides and other formats. All images are carefully checked and basic colour correction, red-eye removal, cropping, straightening, brightness and contrast correction work is carried out at no extra charge.


digital photos, improvement, renovation, photographic retouching     digital photos, improvement, renovation, photographic retouching


Click images to see examples of some Amber scans compared to basic scans.

See our Improvement and Renovation Services pages for more details about our retouching and restoration.

  • All photos, negatives and slides are checked and hand-loaded on the scanners with the final images getting further quality checks. Manual adjustments and corrections are made wherever necessary. We do not use any automated systems
  • For original photos up to A4 in size (210mmx297mm), we use professional quality Epson scanners with digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) technology to reduce surface defects and produce 1200 dpi digital images
  • For 35mm film negatives and slides, we use Nikon Coolscan scanners with digital ICE technology to reduce the effects of dust, grain and surface defects and produce 4000 dpi digital images
  • All material can be scanned in a specific order if you let us know and have put the originals in the order required
  • Once scanned the images will be put on to an archival quality DVD from which you will be able to view, edit, send to family and friends and reprint just as you would any other digital image
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