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Convert your 35mm slides and negatives into digital images with our scanning service.


"I have to say the copies are quite amazing, you have done a fantastic job, thank you."

Mrs H B, Buckinghamshire, December 2011

35mm slides and negatives scanned to digital

Many of us have fantastic images on 35mm negatives and slides languishing forgotten in a drawer or old shoe box somewhere. We offer an expert service to scan photo slides and negatives and store them for you in digital format on a disc or produce prints in a wide range of formats. We can scan 35mm slides and film negatives to provide you with easily stored, accessed and shared digital versions of your photos. For other slide and negative formats, please contact us.

  • All photos, negatives and slides are checked and hand-loaded on the scanners with the final images getting further quality checks.
  • Our scanning service includes colour correction, red-eye removal, cropping, straightening, and brightness and contrast correction for no extra charge.
  • We use professional quality Epson scanners with digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) technology to reduce surface defects and produce 1200 dpi digital images for original photos up to A4 in size (210mmx297mm).
  • We use Nikon Coolscan scanners with digital ICE technology to reduce the effects of dust, grain and surface defects and produce 4000 dpi digital images for 35mm film negatives and slides.

We can scan negatives and convert slides to digital format so let us bring your photos back to life and stop them fading away with our professional digital scanning, photo restoration and printing service.

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