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Unwanted objects or shadows in your photographs? Does the composition and colour need enhancing? We can improve your photos and digital images for you.

Improvement and Renovation of Photographs and Slides

We have a wide range of professional software tools available to allow us to skilfully renovate and repair digital images or photographs, once we have scanned them.

  • All prints, film negatives and slides deteriorate over time and they can also get damaged through years of storage which may lead to mould growth or unwanted creases and tears. We can take away those years of deterioration and damaged areas that occur from regular handling or accidental spills, such as water marks and scratches.
  • We offer a digital image improvement service. For important photos that haven’t turned out the way you want (for example, wrong exposure or poor composition), we can improve the image removing an unwanted object, improving the overall composition or re-touching areas that don’t meet your expectations
  • Every photo renovation or image improvement project is different, send us your image by email and we can discuss the possibilities

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    Click images to see examples of some old photo improvement and renovation work
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