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This is how we restore your old damage and faded photographs, helping to bring your great memories and history back to life.


"I have compared the reproductions side by side with the originals and found that they were virtually identical to the originals in terms of yellow toning etc. If anything, the reproductions were slightly sharper."

Mr G M, Lancashire, January 2012

How an old photo/slide is restored or repaired

We restore your old photographs by first digitally scanning them using the latest high resolution professional equipment. We then use advanced computer techniques and software to skilfully repair damaged and missing areas and correct the brightness and colour, returning your images to their former glory. Your restored photos can then be printed on top quality photo paper, or compiled on CD or DVD in digital format for you to look at on a computer or TV.

  • All photos, negatives and slides are individually checked.
  • Original photos are manually scanned using the latest professional quality Epson scanners with digital ICE (Image Correction and Enhancement) technology to produce 1200 dpi digital images.
  • Negatives and slides are manually scanned using the latest Nikon Coolscan scanners with digital ICE technology to produce 4000 dpi digital images.
  • Once we have digitised them, your photos are ready to be returned to you and we go to work digitally repairing and restoring the scanned images of your photos.
  • Each digital image consists of a huge number of points containing information on colour, brightness, etc. called pixels.  By using advanced computer software and great skill we can manipulate these pixels to repair damage to your photo images, restoring them to their former glory.
  • Once you are happy with your restored photos, we can print them onto top quality photo paper or record them digitally for you on DVD, so that you can view them on your computer, or share them with your friends by email.

Click here to see examples of our image restoration work

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